Back at it

Ugh.  I’m so embarrassed about how badly I’ve dropped the ball on this blog.  The Skinny Swine was supposed to be my 2013 project, but alas, I am human.  And I made a goal.  And then I didn’t follow through.

So, here’s to making The Skinny Swine my 2014 project, eh?  Better late than never I ‘spose.  I’ll kick off this first 2014 post with a post about the best food on this planet: pizza.  I know, not very healthy.  But, realistic all the same.  Who doesn’t love a delicious slice of pie?  And if you deprive yourself of this cheesy goodness, my friend, you are doing yourself a disfavor.  And you need to stop.  Immediately.  What is life without a little pizza?


Here is a picture of a pizza from one of my favorite spots in San Diego: Basic Urban Pizza.  If you live nearby and haven’t been, you MUST get your little booty there as soon as possible.  And if you have been, well, you just need to go again.  This place is amazing!  You can pick all your own toppings and they are oh so fresh.  Not only that,  but their drinks are also delish…a mixologist haven.
This baby had pepperoni, garlic (a must!), green onions, mushrooms, and basil (on my half, as you’ll notice).  I love loading up on as many veggies as possible on my pizza to get some nutrients in me.  A little way to feel not so guilty if you know what I mean.  I’m sure I’ll be posting many a pizza posts, so I thought what better way to kick off 2014 than with my favorite dish ever?