An Ode to Macaroons


I I don’t think I need to say much in this post, simply staring and drooling at the above picture should suffice for you all.  But I will say this: I had the pleasure of spending some time in Paris last summer on my honeymoon, and I fell in love with, among many things, macaroons.  They’re just so pretty and delicious. These are from Pierre Herme, and if you find yourself in Paris one day I hope you make a special stop to one of his locations and try these world famous macaroons.


BreakfastEgg Sandwich


Here’s a little secret I want to share with you: I love eggs.  I know, I know…who doesn’t?  Scrambled, fried, poached…you get the idea, and I’m a sucker for all.  One of my favorite  breakfasts to make (or dinners, if we’re being honest) is an egg and cheese sandwich.  You can make it even healthier by adding some veggies, and if you’re looking to cut some carbs, eat it open faced.

To get what is pictured above, heat just a splash of olive oil over medium on your stovetop.  Add whatever green you have (I had arugula) for just a few minutes until cooked down.  Then add a few cherry tomatoes, sliced in half.  Set aside once cooked.  Then, use the same pan (make is easy for yourself), to fry your egg.  Once flipped, I add a little salt and pepper, red chili flakes, and mozzarella cheese.

Toast one half of a whole wheat english muffin and add your egg and veggies on top.  Enjoy.